Do you?


  • Struggle to create meaningful relationships?
  • Feel lonely but don’t know how to take the first step towards connecting deeply with others?
  • Fear being vulnerable because you think you’ll get hurt?
  • Avoiding connecting because of how painful rejection might be?
  • Believe that you are unlovable or unworthy of love?
  • Feel like you’re not ever good enough for relationship?

My Name’s Justin & I Can Relate!

I was once scared of relationships. The idea of being deeply intimate, vulnerable, authentic, and having someone love me for it was terrifying. Even though the deepest desire in my body, heart, and soul was to connect and be known, it felt like a complete paradox. The thing I craved the most was the very thing that terrified me. 

I felt lost in what to do, how to ask for help, and how to take the first step. Fortunately, I stumbled upon a warm hearted community that took me under their wing and showed me what was possible

And after a decade of learning and deepening my understanding of conscious relationship, tantra, community building, empowering communication, I’m here to tell you that any emotion can be processed, any fear can be overcome, and it is possible to wake up each day, feeling connected, empowered, and soulful. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that feeling like this every day is easy, but there are tools, strategies and ways of being that can help you find that place and get back to it when you (inevitably) veer off course or life throws a curve ball.

“Like you, I’ve been confused, lonely, and hurt.
What I’ve learned is it wasn’t a life sentence, and how
the rest of my life could be radically different.”


Let’s Get You Started!

If you’re ready to step into soulful relationship with yourself and others in a way that’s authentic, meaningful, and empowered, I would invite you to schedule a complimentary 1on1 session with me.

Through a combination of empowerment coaching, somatic awareness practices, and soulful inquiry
we’ll dive in together and expand what’s possible for you in life, love, and relationship.

Let this be the first step in having a
full, empowered, and soulful life!

Here’s My Story…

I remember growing up feeling a deep desire to connect. And yet, it seemed what I found more often than not was separation, rejection, and confusion.

I spent my twenties very much in what I would call the matrix of the rat race. Driven by a need for security and external validation, I found a sense of success and belonging in the fast paced sales floors and training rooms of various service and recruitment companies.

Even though I found a sense of success among the sales charts, as the years went by I noticed something didn’t feel right. If my value was based off of what I did, then who was I if I didn’t produce or make the next sale?

It wasn’t until my early thirties along the shores of San Diego that I came to realize what was missing. Through a serendipitous collision of men’s development work, sobriety, and intentional community, I experienced the first taste of what it meant to “be,” and have that be enough.

So began my journey into what connection, community, and relationship meant to me. I dove head first into various spiritual teachings, intentional relationships, sacred spaces, and dance floors all the while seeking a deeper sense of what it meant to be human, to be connected, to be me. 

Along the way I met many teachers and guides, men and women who had done their work and who were able to share grounded wisdom and practical tools to navigate the unfamiliar yet resonate paths that were unfolding before me.

It wasn’t always easy. Many tears were shed, uncountable lonesome nights spent wondering at the stars, and many times this heart of mine has been touched, bruised, and cracked opened by the fullness of life’s invitation.

I’m grateful for all the lessons, the challenges, the opportunities to grow and be of deeper service to our greater collective.

Since then, I’ve sought out and been fortunate to have been trained and mentored by some of the top teachers in conscious relating, breath work, embodied movement, and sacred sexuality.

I’ve held space for countless men’s circles, been a part of creating and leading intentional communities, facilitated workshops on conscious relationship, authentic connection, conscious touch, embodiment, and sacred movement, and have coached men and women across the globe towards their personal truth and empowerment.

Now, almost a decade later, I find myself standing on the intersection of soulful intimacy, sacred sexuality, somatic awareness, and relationship empowerment with a warm invitation for others, perhaps yourself, to join me in a brave new world we’re creating together.

Yes!  You Can Have a Life Where…

•  Your truth is seen, heard, and honored.

•  You feel comfortable in your own skin,
    wherever, whenever.

•  You are able to create the relationships you want,
   and walk 
away from the ones that don’t serve you.

•  You’re excited and confident about dating, love,
   and relationships!


What Would It Be Like To Have
The Support and Guidance To Live
The Brightest Version of You?