Seeking A
More Soul?

You’re not here because you need help, but because you recognize the value of wise counsel.

You know Intimacy with Yourself and Others can be tricky, and sometimes it’s meaningful to have guidance, support, and grounded perspective along the windy journey of inner work.

Experience More Love, Connection & Joy With Yourself & Others

The process of Transformation is ongoing and best done gently over time within containers of trust, courage, and a desire for something new.

Here are the ways we could work together.

Soulful Evolutions

Are you seeking more love, joy, and connection?

Your journey of connecting with your essence and living with heart and authenticity begins with identifying what no longer resonates or serves your growth. You may have beliefs about yourself and others that don’t match your emerging deeper truth. It’s time till your inner soil and create fertile ground for your vision, creativity, and relationships.

The foundational work in this program supports you to:

≫ Uncover and live your Authentic, Empowered Truth
≫ Enrich your passions and vision with Life, Love & Creativity
≫ Bring out the Real You so others can experience all that you are
≫ Gain Clarity and Strength in speaking and creating healthy boundaries

≫ Overcome Resistance to vulnerability, intimacy, & living your deeper truth
≫ Identify Fundamentals needed for you to have Fun, Fulfilling, Soulful Relationships, Inspiring Purpose, and a Rich Inner Life
≫ Integrate all you are learning through authentic, embodied practices & frameworks

I specialize in working with self-aware
seekers of growth and contribution.

The real work happens between our calls, because each session ends with important, purposeful next steps for you to take. More than just reflecting and getting stuck in the mind, you’ll be guided with grace and care towards the actions that will create evolution and growth. Don’t worry, you’ll be supported every step of the way.

What You Can Expect (aka The Logistics) 

  • Detailed pre-session clarity questionnaire
  • 1 x 90-minute initial strategy and focus session
  • 6 x 60-minute sessions over the course of 3 months
  • Spot-coaching for emergencies (this is where we might hop on for 20 minutes to troubleshoot between sessions)
  • Unlimited email support

There is a minimum commitment of 3 months but once that’s over we can continue working together, and you can stop or pause any time.

The Investment

Yes, I know that’s less expensive than what many other coaches are charging. This is a conscious choice on my part, because I don’t believe that getting support with our relationships should cost a fortune. And before you ask, no, I don’t have money mindset issues. I know my worth (and it’s not tied to the price of my offerings).

Applying for Coaching

I currently have two openings for 1:1 coaching from July 2022.

To apply for a spot, click the button below to complete a short form.

Once received, if it looks like we might be a fit I’ll be in touch to set up a conversation to discuss what working together might look like.

Soulful Presence (In-Person)

“When you love someone, the best thing you can offer is your presence. How can you love if you are not there?”-Thich Nhat Hanh

All too often, our presence is drowned in a sea of to-do’s, errands, notifications, appointments, and who knows what else. Allowing ourselves to truly slow down, breathe, and experience the depth of presence with another human being is all it takes for our nervous systems to move from states of survival, to states of bliss and expansion.

As our bodies relax, oxytocin is released. Many of our experiences are stress-related and, over time, raise our cortisol levels causing disassociation and disconnection from ourselves and our bodies. This dissonance causes us to lose connection with the present moment.

Using light touch, the breath, and the embodied experience of being with someone who is fully present with you, your body will slowly begin to relearn how to bring itself into deeper states of presence and awareness.

These 75-minute sessions of undivided presence are designed to bring you back home into your-self, your body, and your being. 

Sessions Could Include Any of The Following:

≫ You talk, I listen: no fixing, no judgment, full confidentiality, anything goes
≫ Light touch: hugging, light massage, holding hands, cuddling
≫ Eye gazing: a simple practice which brings ourselves to full presence with another person can be a deeply transformative experience
≫ Somatic and embodiment coaching, guidance, and exercises to help return you to your body
≫ Breath-play: gentle synchronized breathing allowing the body to relax fully and the mind to unwind
≫ Boundary exercises, Wheel of Consent tools and frameworks, and full permission are given to you to experience what it means to have your boundaries and body wisdom fully listened to and honored


These are non-sexual encounters. While consensual touch and various levels of agreed-upon body contact are on offer, clothes stay on during the entire duration of a session. All is welcome, including tears, laughter, and yes, even sexual energy, but it is not acted upon by either of us. Being able to be present with and even speaking to all that appears without the need to act is a crucial part of the practice of presence.

( All Genders and everyone in between welcome )  

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