We live in a world that sadly lacks spaces for the kind of connection, depth, and meaning our souls and being long for. As more we expand our awareness and good intentions towards one another, sacred space for healing and process are becoming more vital and foundational to our collective work.

It has been my honor for the last several years to hold intentional space for souls to awaken, hearts to open, and spirits to shine. 

The process of bringing people together in ways that helps heal the divides between us nourishes my heart, spirit, and soul in profound ways, and seems to have similar effects on those who attend. 

Whether it’s a talk, movement journey, presence and connection experience, intimacy workshop, cuddle gathering, or intentional sharing circle, I provide a space where all of you is welcome to play, laugh, shine, and evolve.

My Events are known for being:

  • Soulful and Inspiring
  • Inviting, Playful, and Meaningful 
  • Heart Opening and Soul Affirming
  • Safe, Held, and Intentional 
  • Fun and Connective!
I am also available for private bookings, online and in-person,
so feel free to get in touch with inquiries.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful space. It helped me reconnect with myself and think about how often I wear masks in life to others and even to myself.. pretending to be strong when I can be more vulnerable. It was fantastic!!” -Ashmi

“Thank you again for such a safe and sacred space at yesterday’s event. My soul met others and I also feel the healing ripple effects on my nervous system, much calmer, content, relaxed, peace -and playful- recharged. With love and gratitude” -Charu

“So nourishing, gorgeous and heart expanding. Gratitude and blessings to you for the space we created together. My first experience in this new chapter for me will certainly be remembered x” -Missy

“Just wanted to rave to you once more about how deeply touched I was by the experience. I appreciated how each person I connected with mirrored a different side of myself. Each connection was a unique flavor of longing, playfulness, nurturing, joy and sorrow. Also feeling curiosity and warmth for each person connected me to all the love in my heart. No clinging to an inhale or fearing exhaling but trusting in the next inhale… love is infinite. Thank you!!” -Janel