Finding Our Center
It’s a strange time we live in isn’t it?

There is so much that wants to take us away from ourselves, even without all that’s happening in the world, it can be a challenging practice to stay centered and grounded.

I believe the dance of Life is all about learning balance and finding how to stretch and be stretched while also keeping our poise and grace.

Something I remind myself of during such unprecedented times is my Center Point.

This point of center can sometimes be found or experienced in the chest, heart, sometimes we feel it in our bellies, sometimes we even feel it in our feet.

What’s important to note is that like a spinning top that is constantly finding its equilibrium and balance with each turn and movement, our center point can move as well.

Like a ballerina whose arm movement carries them one direction while their leg creates the proper counterbalance, so can we find ourselves stretched while also stable and resourced.

What I find is often in the way of being in the space is that the outside world calls us constantly and seemingly demands our attention. When we forget to anchor ourselves deeply within the rooted aspects of ourselves, we can quickly tumble over.

The attention and intention required to bring ourselves back into presence with ourselves and what is happening for us can often come with feelings of resistance and avoidance.

And as challenging as this may be, especially during these times when our daily lives have been jostled, our routines upheaved, and our foundations a bit shaken, the ability to return to our personal center point within is invaluable.

The trick with finding and being in our center point, as with many things, comes down to personal presence or perhaps the practice of it.

I find when I am out of presence with myself and my spirit, I tend to move with more fear and reaction instead of intention and clarity.

And as with all good things, it often takes a level of practice and desire to move ourselves towards a more balanced life and being.

Good thing is, whether its because we’re now working from home, voluntary or involuntary quarantine, and perhaps even through unfortunate circumstances such as being released from jobs and responsibilities, we all may find we have a lot more control over how we spend our time.

How will we spend it?

I know I will be connecting with friends near and far through video chats, keeping myself informed (but not overwhelmed) by what’s happening in the world, writing my book, and yes, I’ll admit that a portion of this newfound free time will most likely be spent on binge-watching a show or two.

And yet, even if we are having to share space and close quarters with others, there is always an invitation to go within.

Perhaps now it is even more important to cultivate a sense of Personal Center. Centering that can grant us an immediate, even if only momentary, sense of stillness, ground, and connection.

From this ground can spring something new. Something creative. Something fresh. Perhaps even something old and forgotten can have new life breathed into it.

As this becomes a practice, it will also become something you can tap into at a moment’s notice, in any situation.

It also becomes something we can offer to others.

I find when I am in the presence of someone who is present within themselves, I feel better. I’m more at peace, ease, and able to deepen in connection and intimacy.

Even when things aren’t as swirly as they are now, personal presence is the breath we remember to take, the pause before action or speaking, the moment we remind ourselves that we are both vast and grounded.

And as we remind ourselves of the power of our presence, even in the midst of uncertainty and discomfort, we discover that the door to our hearts are always spacious, wide, and free.

Here is some guidance on how to access your own Center Point.

  • Set the stage by creating some time and space for yourself. 5-10 minutes is plenty. Maybe this means asking your partner for some personal time, putting a slot in your calendar, or even if it means going to the one place in the house where we all can have a moment or two of personal space (I’m guessing you know what I’m referring to!)
  • Finding our center point can be a highly somatic or an experience that is felt through the body. Therefore, it can be helpful to at first stand so as to feel your physical balance. Later it will be easier to find your center-point even when sitting, walking, or even through the water surfer of Life.
  • If it feels silly to even think of standing and feeling yourself, allow yourself a smile or even a laugh. This is good, it means your inner child wants to play and is curious what adventure you’re taking them on!
  • Closing the eyes and simply allow yourself to breath, to be with yourself, just yourself, and no one else. It’s important to move into this experience without judgement, simply bring your awareness and presence to what is happening within the moment.
  • Begin to notice your feet, feeling your left and right sides, and again simply notice your balance, physically and internally as a felt experience.
  • Once you feel stable with your feet on the ground, allow your awareness to move to your torso. Again, the center-point of your being may be near your heart, sternum, belly, or even somewhere else entirely!
  • There is no right or wrong here. We are bringing our attention to is the energetic and sensational center of our being.
  • This could be felt or experienced as a still point, a point of peace within,
  • Again, there is no right or wrong here. There isn’t a doing it right or wrong. It’s all just a felt experience, one that can sometimes be pronounced and other times fleeting and ambiguous.
  • I find when I give myself time and simply breathe, a point of presence emerges. If it doesn’t come right away, stay patient, stay curious. Sometimes after years of neglect, our inner Being needs to know that we are honest with our presence and desire to be with it.
  • When you happen to find a place that feels like it could be a center point and is a seat of balance within your mind, body, heart, and spirit, allow yourself to arrive.
  • Simply be in that space. Breath with it. If you notice it wants to move, move with it. Simply Be with yourself.

The best way to connect to our center point and begin to move with grace and flow through all of life’s expected and unexpected challenges, is to begin the journey now, today, in this moment.


(If you’d like to watch this message, here’s a video about this topic:

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  1. Wendy M

    The poignant potency and meaningful message touched my seeking spirit. Will be sharing with my circle of friends family and loved ones. Stay healthy and be well in your center Justin. Grateful for the easy to follow footsteps!


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