Soulful Intimacy

Supporting you to Embrace
Your Spark, Live Your Purpose, and Love with All Your Heart

My Mission is to…

  • empower evolving men and women to embrace their inner relationship,
  • support the rebalancing of our masculine and feminine, within and without,
  • and foster new paradigms of live, love, and what it means to be human, together.

Getting To Know Ourselves Can Be Hard… 

But It Doesn’t

Have To Be

What People Are Saying…

“I left the session with understanding and clarity…” 

“Justin has this magic ability to guide and pull out words, thoughts and emotions that I couldn’t put together myself. It felt right from the very beginning to the end of it. I left the session with understanding and clarity, in opposing the fogginess and confusion that I had when I walked in. I highly recommend his work.” -Rosi

“I highly recommend time with Justin!

He holds space beautifully, creating a space that is both safe and heart opening. I felt I learned a lot from him, definitely someone who leaves you feeling inspired!” -Michelle

“Meeting with Justin really helped me…” 

“Thank you so much, Justin, for your capacity to listen, hear, comprehend, and to honestly reflect clearly that part of me and my truth back to me so that I don’t get lost in all of the other things that matter to me. Meeting with Justin really helped me to make that commitment to myself.” -Sarah

“Justin holds fantastic space.

I loved the opportunities he offers, my body feels alive open and expressed. Yummy. Thank you!” -Sho


Are You Seeking Clarity, Connection,
and Joy In Your Life & Relationships?