I have a goal to interview 100 people for market research in 2022. 

My intention is to use what you share with me for content ideas and future offerings.

In exchange for your time, I’m offering free 1:1 Coaching

What to expect during the interview

I’ll ask you questions about:

  • Your previous experience with coaching, relationships, and personal development (if you have any)

  • What would you like to work on when it comes to how you show up for yourself and with others (it’s ok if it’s still fuzzy)

  • Your challenges and ways you get stuck (could be around relationships, career, inner work, etc.

Is this a podcast or live interview?

This is not a podcast or other shared interview. Just you and me exploring your experience and perspective. If you are comfortable I will record the interview but only for my own records and reflection.

Your name or participation will never be shared publically and whatever we discuss will be confidential.

What happens during the free coaching

After the interview, I’ll support you with anything you’d like.

Here are a few ways I can support you:

  • I can share with you what I see as your biggest blind spots or what might be keeping you stuck

  • You can ask me questions related to how to evolve, integrate, or empower an area of your relationships, purpose or vision, personal growth, or inner relationship.

  • You can get feedback on a particular challenge or relationship

  • Or just show up and see what magic we can create together.

I’ll also do my best to offer a safe and empathetic coaching experience where all of you is welcome, including fears, doubts, confusion, limiting beliefs or shameful thoughts.

Is this a discovery session (or sales call)?

This call is not a discovery session to discuss my services.

It really is just free coaching in trade for a research interview.

If you’re interested in coaching services, please review the details on this page.


We will meet for 60 minutes on Zoom and the time will be split in half. 30 minutes for the marketing research interview and 30 minutes of coaching for you.

Fill out the application below and you’ll see the scheduling link in the confirmation message (you might have to scroll up).