Do You . . .

    • want to learn tools & strategies to create healthy relationships?

    • have a hard time speaking your needs, desires, and boundaries?

    • notice how unconscious patterns seem to keep playing out in your relationships?

    • desire to grow so you can be your best in your relationships?

Join us for

Somatic Relating Lab

Embodiment Tools & Exercises for
Healthy, Empowered Relationships

Hosted by Soulful Intimacy

These Interactive
Events Are
For You,



If You. . .

  • would like to learn somatic practices
    you can use in your daily life and relationships

  • often lose yourself in both your platonic and/or romantic relationships

  • have a tendency to give too much, then feel depleted or like something is wrong

  • want to cultivate a feeling of safety and empowerment in your body

  • find yourself so often saying yes to other people that you’ve lost touch with what you really want

  • agree to things you later regret

  • are home and would like to connect with others in a live setting

Somatic Relating Lab is a 75-minute workshop combining
guided meditation, somatic partnered* exercises,
prompts for reflection and sharing,
and an integration at the end.

* you do not need to be in a relationship, nor do you need to bring a partner
to these events. Attendees will be paired with each other at random.

Would you like to learn
new ways of relating
with yourself and others,
even while being at home?

You Are Invited To. . .
  • Share in partnered exercises that will give you a felt sense of your body’s intuitive wisdom

  • Slow down and understand your inner process around decision making

  • Explore a connection “laboratory” that will allow you to gain new insights into how you are showing up in your inner and outer relationships

  • Learn to recognize your relationship patterns and move towards ownership and empowerment
  • Experience a deeper personal connection and felt sense of embodiment

  • Recognize your truth even while others are making demands of you

These events are non-sexual, clothes on, and consent based. There is no requirement to participate in any of the exercises and you will always be at choice

June 13th, 2020

5am – Berlin, CEST
10am – Bangkok, ICT
11am – Bali, DST

1pm – Sydney, AEST
3pm – Auckland, NZST
5pm – Honolulu, HST

June 12th, 8pm – Los Angeles, PST


My Vision, Is For You To

  • Be empowered to speak and
    honor your truth

  • Have a a felt experience of your body’s intuitive nature, and how to use it in navigating your relationships

  • Use these events as laboratories for your personal and relational growth. The exercises and sharings will give you an opportunity to notice, uncover, and integrate your relationship patterns

  • Be better equipped with tools, awareness, and strategy to create the relationships you desire

  • Connect with other warm hearted explorers curious to learn more about themselves and soulful relationships

Common Questions

Why Should I Come To Somatic Relating Lab?

How connected are you to your body and its wisdom? How often do you find yourself stuck in your head, frustrated, and unsure how to connect in more meaningful ways?

Often we lose ourselves to our relationships, situations, and demands of others. When this happens, parts of our body shut down. In order to bring them back online, we need to find ways to slow down and gently allow our truth, needs, and desires to be spoken.

Somatic Relating Labs are held with the intention of giving you a time and space to explore what it means to be in your body, to rekindle your relationship with yourself, and to experience what it is like to connect with others in more meaningful ways.

How Do Somatic Relating Labs Work?

Somatic Relating Labs are 75-minute workshops combining somatic partnered exercises, guided visualization, as well as some context and sharing around the theme of the session. 

We will be using Zoom, which will allow us to do the exercises in small groups and share experience with other attendees. Zoom links will be provided to everyone who registers before the workshop.

What does Somatic refer to?

Somatic means the body. During our games we will find ourselves returning again and again to bringing our presence and awareness to what is happening in our bodies. 

How often do show up or respond to situations in ways that are not congruent with how we actually feel? When we say yes when we mean no,

By bringing our awareness to the somatic aspect of our human experience, we gain a new way to process, release, and integrate experiences that otherwise would leave us stuck and playing out unconscious patterns.

Having a deeper felt experience of our bodies helps us be more intuitive, helps us be more confident in speaking our needs, and gives us more confidence as we will feel more at home and safe in our own skin.


Are These Events Live?

These are live, interactive events. Unlike our educational workshops, there are no replays.

What Is The Cost of The Event?

These events are offered at $15 per session. There is a package option of 3 sessions for $25, as well as a pay-what-you-can option.

We want our events to be accessible to as many people as possible while also being sustainable. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if cost is a challenge to your attendance.

Can I Attend On My Own or Do I Need A Partner?

You do not need to be in an existing relationship, nor do you need to bring a partner to these events. Attendees will be paired with each other at random.

Can I Attend With Someone In My Household?

Yes, you are most welcome to do the exercises with someone you are with. There will be a time to let me know that is something you would like to do and you will be given options.

What People Are Saying About Our Events…

“Thank you so much for the beautiful space…” 

“It helped me reconnect with myself and think about how often I wear masks in life to others and even to myself.. pretending to be strong when I can be more vulnerable. It was fantastic!!” -Ashmi

“I highly recommend time with Justin!

He holds space beautifully, creating a space that is both safe and heart opening. I felt I learned a lot from him, definitely someone who leaves you feeling inspired!” -Michelle

“His way to hold the space, very grounded and his way of talking were simply perfect.”

“I had the pleasure to meet Justin at the events he organises and it was clear from the beginning that I was looking at him as a guide and inspiration. His way to hold the space, very grounded and his way of talking were simply perfect.” -Lorenzo

“Thank you so much for tonight…

I didn’t realize how much I needed intimacy until the tears came. A very painful part of my past was healed this evening.” -Elena


The Easy Part!

Just select your ticket option and you will be directed
to PayPal to make the payment. 

You will receive an email with all the Zoom info along with
a questionnaire before the call which will help
make the session most relevant to you.

I’m Looking
Forward To
Sharing With You!